Writing Pen Pal Letters 

 By Mardene Eide

Writing pen pal letters is challenging and fun. Your penpals will enjoy your correspondence if you show an interest in their lives and make your own letters interesting. There are many things that you can write about.

Most penpals are interested in families of their correspondents. You can tell who is in your family, the kind of work they do, and interesting things that happen in their lives. You might describe the ways that you celebrate holidays or special events. You can share some things that your family does for fun. Family pets provide interesting material as you can describe your pets and tell some of the interesting things they do.

Your penpals usually will not know much about your home town and state. It is interesting for them to find out what makes yore area different from others. It may have some unique natural features, such as mountains , rivers or lakes. Some towns have nearby tourist attractions such as parks or historic sites. Local celebrations and events, the jobs people have, and things they do in their leisure time all provide more material to write about.

Daily weather isn't always interesting but you might want to tell about some unusual weather events in your area. Dramatic events such as a major snowstorm or heavy thunderstorms provide exciting reading. You might want to tell about a prolonged cold spell, heavy wave or drought and how it affected your area.

Some people are interested in the home of their penpals. You can tell what you home looks like and describe its surroundings. You may want to share information about your yard, what is growing in the garden. Describing bird or animal visitors to your yard can provide interesting reading too.

Many people are interested in hobbies. You can tell your pen pal about collections you may have, such as stamps, rocks, or book marks. Perhaps you make things in your leisure time, such as sewing, knitting or painting. Maybe your hobby is doing something, such as gardening, bird watching, or sports.

Places that you go provide something else to write about. Tell your penpal how you get there, by car, on a hike, by foot. Your penpal would be interested in what you see on the way, such as animals, birds, flowers in bloom, or people doing things outdoors. Longer journey, such as vacations and trips to other areas are always interesting to hear about.

Your penpal might like to know about events you attend, where the event was held, and what you did there. You might describe the characters and their costumes in a play or the music in a concert. You can tell your penpal about what you saw at a craft show or fair. Perhaps you attended a class and could tell your penpal about what you learned.

If your penpals is a reader, you could discuss books that you read. You could tell them about your favorite authors and books and why you like them. You can also discuss magazines you are interested in. You may discuss movies, tapes, records, or computer programs.

Tuck-in items can make your correspondence more interesting. Your penpal might like to see photos of you, your family, or your pets. You can also send photos or postcards showing scenes of the area where you live. Tourist literature or pamphlets about your area are always interesting. Other good tuck-ins could include stamps, favorite recipes, envelopes of seeds, pressed leaves from area trees, or clippings from your home town newspaper.

It is not hard to have an interesting and lively correspondence if you use your imagination!