Hey Pen Pals.. Typed or Handwritten Letters?

This is a simple survey on which you prefer -- typed or handwritten letters? There is no right or wrong answer, just curious what you think!  

Handwritten letters reveal so much of the friendliness of the letter writer. If someone writes well, meaning the handwriting is clear and concise, it's much more personal to receive a nice handwritten letter!

However, lots of gals can't write -- they have arthritis, disabilities, or simply poor handwriting - so typing letters can be the next best thing. Just be sure you are writing letters TO each pal -- no form letters!

Now, lets see what Pen Friends think about this issue -- typed or handwritten?

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Brenda: I enjoy getting both typed or handwritten letters. Typed letters are sometimes easier to read and I also take into consideration that typing is sometimes easier on the person to type then to hold a pen. I have carpal tunnel and sometimes I cannot hold a pen for very long at a time so typing is easier for me at times. I agree that handwritten letters seems more personal but I would much rather hear from the person then feel like they can't write because of pain in their hands.

Edna M: I really have no preference either way. Although it is lovely to receive a hand wrirtten letter, there may be reasons why this isn't alweays possible to do.Hand written ones are more personal and mean that the person writing it has taken time and ewffort to produce a one off piece of work. However due to many factors typing may be the only way by which some can carry on their correspondence.

Personally I type as I have arthritis in my right hand and find it hard to hold a pen for long enough to write a letter. Also we are are not all copy book writers and often it is hard to read a hand written letter. Typed ones are easily read and understood. Typing can be a boon too if the recipient has poor eyesight as it is easy to make the font bigger and bolder.... not so easy to do when hand writing a letter.

Like I say it is nice to get a hand written letterbut then again it is just nice to hear from friends, no matter how they choose to do it.


Ann M., Nevada: Unless the person I am writing to has good penmanship I prefer a typed letter, and if that person is on a computer they can change their fonts and use any one of a number of styles so the letter does not look quite as typewritten but has a more personal touch to it.

As long as the letter is newsy and interesting I don't mind how it is written, I just enjoy hearing from my penpals, but like I said I want to be able to read it and not have to decipher it.

Elinor N, WA: A handwritten pen pal letter is welcome anytime, as long as it is legible. A neat letter is preferable not only because it is easier to read butbecause the writer is usually thoughtful enough to write something a pal can respond to, rather than scribbling random thoughts from "the top of the head." Longer letters, like round robin letters, should be typed if possible but personalized by adding handwritten notes. If printed from a computer, a letter can be updated and used for more than one person or group. One of the round robins I belong to is a Life Story robin. A neatly printed episode is desirable as it is worth saving when returned to the sender. These stories can become a collection that will be treasured by the writer's family. Handwritten personal notes that show you are interested in what the others have written should be added as a separate letter. When a busy penpal has little time to write, a nice correspondence card or short letter can be sent, perhaps with photos or interesting enclosures.

Marge S, KS: I write both, but these days I prefer to type letters. I also prefer to receive typed letters with nice dark print. My vision is impaired due to diabetes and age. Many handwritten letters especially if done with a fine line pen or colored ink are impossible for me to read. If I can't read the letter, I am so frustrated. Often I ask my husband to read them to me, and he has trouble with some of the handwriting, too. But I wouldrather struggle than not hear from someone who has to use a pen!

Penny H: Some people prefer hand written letters because they feel they are more personal. But the older I get the worse my handwriting gets and it was never great to start with. So I now type most of my letters on the word processor.

I don't mind getting type written letters either. Sometimes handwriting is so bad I can't read it and this is a real problem. Most are not that bad, but I have gotten letters that I couldn't read and couldn't make out the address to reply. Usually I can read them though and I don't care which way the letters I recieve are written.

I don't even mind getting a copy letter sometimes as long as all the letters aren't copy letters. Some send part copy-part personal and that works too.


Mary L: I prefer to send them typed, for the sake of the person who has to read it, and I do make a point of not sending parts of what I wrote to someone else. Occasionally I do, but I let the recipient know what part is a "form letter." Other hand, a hand-written letter is more *special* and you can write them from anywhere.

Brenda B.: Handwritten letters win "hands down" for me. They areso much more personal than a typed letter or an e-mail. Of course it's important that they are legible!

Some typed letters seem to be the "generic" sort, notwritten just for one person's eyes, but for theconvenience of being able to send the same letter toseveral people. This is not real penpalling! To me, letter writing is such an enjoyable pastime because I can choose my stationery with the recipient in mind, then get out my favourite fountain pen and indulge myself communicating with someone who is actually going to read whatever I write - and I hope may even be interested in my life. Sitting in front of a computer screen tapping keys would not be half as enjoyable (to me) as sitting at my writing desk with pen in hand.

I guess it's because I enjoy handwriting myself that Ilike to receive handwritten letters from my penpals,but I accept that everyone is not like me (I thinkhandwriting is a dying art), so I'm still alwaysgrateful to receive all my penpals' letters howeverthey come!

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