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 Are you looking for Snail Mail Pen Pals?

This website does Pen Pals, OODLES Of sharing, stories, and pen pal fun -- but we don't publish Pen Pal ads online. This is my own issue, and, for security reasons, I just can't do most of this online. My pen pals are real, quality, letter writing pals; we enjoy writing snail mail pen pal letters, and we want to be kept safe and secure too!

If you seek quick e-pals, you can search Google below for "free pen pals" and find oodles of pal sites.


If you seek quality pen pals, real letter-writers, this is how you can use this website:

Kids & Teens - go here!

Inky Trail News, the Pen Pals newsletter:

I publish Inky Trail News (over 18 years now), which is a Pen Pal Newsletter/Club. I publish oodles of stories from readers and pen pal fun! It's written by pen pals for you, a pen pal. That's the beauty of it... you can write to anyone who has an article published or simply browse through the pen pal listings to find a new penfriend. You can learn more about my publication here: Inky Trail News, the Pen Pals newsletter!

Friendship-by-Mail E-Newsletter:

This is my online e-newsletter (ezine). It's free, but I do monitor new subscribers and will delete anyone who isn't pen-pal-friendly! The e-newsletter points you to new articles, ideas, and I publish e-pals, for the purpose of finding new pals. Many are listed looking for Snail Mail, so you can contact them, privately swap addresses, and you've found a new Snail Mail Pal! When you first subscribe, you have the opportunity to have your e-pal ad listed too...

Submit YOUR Pen Pal Ad:

Finally, you can submit your own pen pal ad. If you submit via the website, and submit a postal address, we may use the ad in Inky Trail News, or the e-newsletter. We will never publish your postal address online, but may use it in Inky Trail News, and you suddenly get some nice friendly letters in your Mail Box!Submit your own pen pal ad!

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