Round Robin letters

by Patricia
(Denver, CO)

Dear Wendy,

I'd like to start a round robin letter to circulate amongst family and friends. I've already talked to my sisters and mom and they are all interested in getting involved.

Do you know where I can find a standard set of rules and maybe some kind of starter packet to send to each participant to help us get started?

I haven't been able to find anything specific on the internet or google.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can recommend.

Sincerely, Patricia

Wendys Two cents: I've been in several round robins and, as far as I know, there are no real "rules". They all have a Round Robin Summary Page (sometimes called a "Flight Sheet"... grin!).

That Flight sheet is simple, listing each person, one by one... their name/address, DOB, family info (husband/children's names/ages), hobbies, collections... it's a great reminder so when you look it over and see something they are interested in that you might have done, or seen, it's another topic to write about. This sheet isn't updated very often, and flies with the letters from home to home to home...

Then you all write intro letters, (you could have them send to you), then you follow the flight sheet, you send all 4-5 letters to the next person on the sheet. They take out their old letter and add a new one, after reading the letters that were sent. When the Robin comes back to you, you've got 4-5 new letters to read, and then write one back.

You can write one general letter... but most write generally at first, then comment personally to each person, one by one, in the letter.

Here is an article written by Anna which describes
Round Robins in great detail.

I hope this helps... if you have any specific questions, after thinking about it, just yell!

Happy Writing!

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Round Robins
by: Ros in Spain

I think you said it all Wendy.

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