Pen Pals for Kids


Are you looking for Pen Pals for Kids or Teens? You've come to the right place -- I have lots of them!

If you are a kid or teen (age 5 - 17) seeking real snail mail pen pals for kids, your parents must get involved before I can send any pen pal listings to you. Please let your parent read this page so he/she can decide if this pen pal opportunity is for you, or not... OK?

After you submit your pen pal ad, you must get your parents permission before we will use it. No permission? Unfortunately, we simply delete the ad. This is unfortunate, we'd love you to have pen pals, but we also need to know that your parent agrees so that we can keep this safe.

First, a little about me..... In 4th grade, I got a pen pal in school. I selected England as the country, mostly because the Beatles were sooo popular, and I wanted a pen pal with that lovely English accent, even if I couldn't hear it.

Guess what? I got Paul Ebbage, from Norfolk, England -- my own "Paul" (just like "Paul McCartney" from the Beatles... grin!) We wrote for years, then lost contact as young adults, and reconnected via the web a few years ago! THAT is why I've decided, quite recently, to offer Kids Pen Pals.

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Kids Pen Pals FAQ - Answers to All Your Questions!

I have lots of kids pen pal ads received through my website. This is my effort to keep these kids safe and yet give them the wonderful opportunity to connect with other kids, in the USA or worldwide.

How to Get Your Own
Kids Pen Pal Letter

10 Pen Pals for $7.50

What you must do (2 Step Process): (1) Use Postal mail to send the pen pal form in (2) Pay via the postal mail or Pay Pal... but if you use Pay Pal, you must still mail in the form!

Here is my offer -  ON HOLD, 5.28.14, Will Return Soon!  (click to print it) and mail it via Postal Mail with $7.50 to the address on top of the form, and I will send a list of Kid pen pals.

You must mail in the form to my postal address, and both the child and parent/guardian must sign it. I know this is a pain, but I need to assure myself that you are "real" and that I keep these kids safe. Safety in kids penpalling is the key in today's world...

Two Cents from a few Moms...

For convenience, if you'd like to pay online.. pay via Pay Pal, below, and then mail the form to me. I'll get the Pal listing out to you as soon as I receive the signed form. Thanks!

What you will receive: You will get 10 pen pals for kids, the kids listed are within one year of the age of the kid on the form. For example, if you are age 12, I will send you pals from age 11-13. I will look for the exact same age, but if I don't have enough kids that sound like what you are seeking, I'll add others that are a year younger or older. You can be penfriends and be "little sister" / "big sister" to each other. OK? Yes, we have matched lots of boys too!

By the way, if you write to a pal, and your letter is returned with a "wrong address" or "moved" postal stamp, simply return that one envelope to me, via postal mail or email me a photo of it... and I will send a new pen pal ad or two to replace it. I'm trying to be totally fair, but kids do move, or enter incorrect addresses sometimes (adults do too.. grin! we aren't perfect!)

Pen Pals for Kids FAQ - Answers to All Your Questions!

Why do I charge for pen pals? Kids pal ads are sensitive as there are so many scammers and frauds on the internet -- especially for kids. The kids who have submitted ads tell you lots about themselves, their name, address, date of birth, age, hobbies... and I need to keep this kid-to-kid safe. This is my assurance that anyone who takes the time to complete my form and pay $7.50, is a parent or grandparent with a kid seeking real pen pals. Scammers won't take the time -- they'll go to the next free site.

I hope this makes my Kids Pen Pal ads tons safer than other sites... Friendship Rules!

In Friendship and Pen Pal Fun,

Happy Writing!

p.s. I use the term "kids" as that's what many people use to search Google for kids/teens ads. That's probably how you found my website. I didn't use "child", as I get lots of teen ads too... so I wanted to include "kids" from age 5 to age 17 as "kids"... no disrespect intended!