Mailing Pen Pals 

Mailing with pen pals is a fun way to learn about the world, different lifestyles, different viewpoints.

I love pen pal friendships!

There are several ways (below) that you can find free pen pals using this website.

FYI - This site uses only e-mail addresses in the e-newsletter - I ask for your state and country simply so that pals can see where you are from.

Happy Writing!

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Pen Friend E-Newsletter

First, I publish a free e-newsletter to find pen pals. E-pals find new snail mail pen friends here too. We don't publish postal addresses online, but you can swap postal addresses after you find an email pal, privately.

The e-newsletter is free for pen pals and delivered right to your email box so that you can learn more about this fantastic hobby of mailing pen pals, but also find new friends along the way!

If you decide this isn't for you, you can just as easily unsubscribe... but I bet you'll enjoy the new friendships you find!

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Pen Pal Ads

-- Submit your free pen pal ad here and tell readers who you are and what you enjoy in life. Your ad makes the pal choose to write to you, or not!

Pen Pal Ads - submit yours here!

Pen Pal Profiles

-- Pen Pal Profiles are in-depth "ads". You can submit your free profile then we use them as a short bio about you so that readers can learn more about you and feel motivated to write to you. As with mailing pen pals ads, we only publish these pen pal profiles with postal addresses in Inky Trail News (email addresses only in the e-newsletter).

Pen Pal Profiles (in depth) here

Happy Pen Friend Hunting! This is a fantastic heart-warming hobby -- here's wishing you a ton of pen friends!