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I am very careful with Kids and Teen pal ads. I simply can't publish kids and teen pen pal ads online... other sites do, but I need to keep you more secure. Pen Pals are great for kids to start making new friends from far away -- as long as we keep it safe! That's the bottom line.

If you want to see how I will use your ad, read more about my Kids Pen Pal Lists here. You might be interested or you can submit your own pen pal ad and wait for friendly letters in your mail box!

I'm getting lots of requests, so now I hope to get more Kids Pen Pal ads to send fresh pals to the kids looking for pals! Fun Fun!

Please be sure to submit your postal address, this is all about snail mail pen pals. If your address isn't correct, we can't send you pen pal letters... the postman has to have the correct address to deliver them to, right?

I also need your parents name and email address... why? Because I will send them YOUR pen pal ad, whatever you send in to me... and ask for their permission to use it. They have to say YES! If you have any questions, email me using the "contact Wendy" page on the left navigation bar, OK? Just trying to keep your information safe!!

You'll love it when you find the special letter in your mail box! I think its worth the double check on your information... yes, it's a pain and more work, but worth it in the end when you get that letter!

Happy Writing! Wendy

p.s. Any questions, write to me using the "Contact Wendy" button on the left navigation bar!

 Place your pen pal ad here! Thanks!

Kids & Teens Pen Pal Ads

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