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Welcome to the pages of Inky Trail News - pen pals for Boomers and Beyond (age 50 - 80+)

Inky Trail News is a magazine-sized snail mail newsletter published since 1992. Inky Trail News is dedicated to friendship for Baby Boomers.


First, we started as a tabloid-sized newspaper, changed to a 8.5 x 11" newsletter, and as of Jan. 2013, I changed my newsletter so that it caters specifically for seniors. 

Most pals prefer snail mail, as that's what pen pals are really all about -- but as a cost savings measure, and for the many international pals, I now do PDF subscriptions too!

What IS Inky Trail News?

Inky Trail News is a newsletter full of friendship and fun. We print oodles of pen pal ads like other pen pal newsletters, but we also print pen pal articles.

We publish pals memories and articles, written by pals for pals, on penpalling and oodles of topics -- AND we print the pals address, postal and/or email, with the article.

Happy Writing (and Reading!) Wendy

Psssst! If you are a senior writer, or simply enjoy writing as most pals do, skip down to the Writers Wanted further down this page -- earn free issues for your two cents!!

A few years ago, I asked the regular contributors: What Is Inky Trail News? The following are two very unique responses that I'd like to share with you...

Lesley Sjardin, New Zealand: I’ll be praying for your ministry. Yes, you have a ministry of bringing friendship and encouragement to so many lives and I for one, so appreciate your efforts. Love and Blessings...

Huw from Japan: As regards your question about ‘ITN’, what it is and is not, that’s quite a tricky one, really, isn’t it?! I would guess that it means different things to different people: for some the penfriend-seeking will be the focus, for others, the sense of a far-flung ‘community’ (of sorts) centered around the kind of folksy writing that some of the articles typify, is probably the most important aspect of ‘ITN’, yet others probably enjoy the chance to express their thoughts on friendship and/or penpal correspondence by actually writing for it and seeing their words in print, etc. etc. In essence, I suppose one could see ‘ITN’ as being akin to a friendship prism – different people look at it and see the same basic object BUT at the same time their attention goes directly to the different face(t)s of if it that are the most important to them. So it’s basically the same but different, dependent on the individual viewer – and I guess that’s a very zenlike way of looking at things, eh?!

I am very humbled by both! Thank you!

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Pen Friend Ads

We print FREE penpal ads, profiles, birthday twins, etc in ITN so that readers can find new friends. Tell readers what your hobbies are, your occupation, your favorite things in life and see who writes to you! ALSO, FREE Swap ads are for collectors and anyone willing to swap something with others -- no cash is allowed - just simple swaps, books, collector items, etc. Readers can write to new friend based on an article that interests them - or someone's ad! Click here to submit your pen pal ad!


Write For ITN! That means YOU!

You are welcome to submit short articles. When published, we will credit you with complimentary issue(s)depending on the article. We prefer articles that range from 500-600 words, with a max of 750 words. Some of our readers get a complimentary one-year subscription because they've submitted several articles that we published.

Professional writers are welcome to submit, but we are really looking for real people who simply enjoy writing as a hobby and would like to share life with others. If you write letters, you can write for Inky Trail News!

We need articles on a variety of topics ranging from your memories, collections, crafting, frugal living, genealogy, journalling, gardening, hometown reviews and a lot more. Use your imagination and write about real life!

Submissions can be sent to:

Inky Trail News, 50416 Schoenherr Road #111,Shelby Twp., MI 48315

--or-- via email using our contact form at the bottom of this page.

Newsletter Editors

Do you publish a newsletter sent by postal mail? Are you interested in some free publicity via ITN? We review newsletters.. just send us a copy of your newsletter and we will review it in an future issue and will send that issue to you. Send your newsletter to:

Inky Trail News, 50416 Schoenherr Road #111, Shelby Twp., MI 48315

EZINE EDITORS - If you have an e-newsletter that our readers might be interested in, write to me and we can swap links.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact me.. I'd love to hear from you!

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