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Find Friendship & Fun & Lots of MOM CHATTER through my website!

Much of this site was written by Pen Pals from Around the World who love communications via email and snail mail. Who could explain pen pal friendships better?

It is time to hand it over my beloved website, after 10 years, to the next generation of women.... Introducing my niece, Crystal!

Crystal is married to Chaz, and Mom to two sweet girls, Addison and Zoey! 

How she will find the time to manage this website is beyond me... but we will try to see what happens!

Please jump back in and have fun once again!

To Many MOM Friendships! 

Hello! A little about me --  As Wendy said, I am married and have two small daughters and very busy with the Mom Life! I am a coupon saving mom, I love coupons and save so much for my family! I will share what I can with readers here!

Right now -- I am so busy learning Wendy's website, and making changes that are fun for MOMS.  I'd love to share MOM pen pals, couponing, and lots of fun MOM stuff if you'd care to join me. Register below! See ya soon!!

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WHO and WHAT is a Pen Pal?

Anyone  who cares to write and express their thoughts via the pen pal letters! We are folks, worldwide – gals and a few guys, who care to share life, single and married, rich and poor, funny and serious! We are educated and not, working and retired. We are your sister, your neighbor, your co-worker and your friends - the people of the USA and the World!

Correspondence is truly the equalizer of friendships.

Pen pals come in all ages, colors, shapes and sizes. Looks don’t matter as we are communicating mind to mind – the visual distractions are gone. Friendship reigns and we meet mind to mind! Diversity reigns as that's what makes life so very interesting!

Pals find friendship in many different avenues: A new "empty nest" mom writes to a senior who describes motherhood in the 1950s, an office manager learns from a country retiree, some retirees want to swap postcards, or maybe someone seeks correspond on a specific topic: diabetes, card games, gardening or books.

Inky Trails E-Newsletter

My Pen Pal Club through theInky Trail News E-Newsletter brings correspondence between two people – plain and simple.  Write pen pal emails, find new friends!

If you are someone who feels the need to communicate via the written word... write!  This is also a hobby for someone who enjoys written friendships, usually with a "stranger”, who quickly becomes a “friend”, and who lives far away across the nation or across the world. 

We write letters when we have time – in the midst of a chaotic day or in the quiet of the night. Letter writing is like journaling, a chance to relive your week and capture it in your own words and thoughts!

About Penpallin'

Pen pals use office supplies, and they love them!  Here are some articles on Address Labels and Designer Paper. Some pals enjoy Envelopes - Make your Own and find the Envelope Glue Recipes here! 

Have you ever heard of these tiny, crazy little books called: Friendship Books? If you've received some, here are some of the Friendship Book - Abbreviations.  Pen Pals love to add Tuck Ins to their letter, tiny gifts to surprise their far away friends.  Here are some more Gift Ideas For Pen Friends, all written by pals.

This is another way for postal fun: Paper Doll Travels via Postal Mail

Finally, what fun to have COOL Valentine Postmarks and Christmas Postmarks!

Pen Pal Thoughts (written by pals)

Pals have answered some questions I've asked to help others learn more about Penpalling!

How I Started to Find Pen Friends 

How Long Should A Letter Be? 

Typed or Handwritten Letters?

My Special Pen Friend 

Envelope Art 

Pen Pals and Introverts 

View from My Window... I was always curious what my pals saw when they looked outside!

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of our Friendly Pen Pal Hobby! 

P.S. Bet you didn't know that there is an Official Pen Pal Day - June 1 of Every Year!